Virginia Circuit Court Judge Strikes Down Lawsuit Calling for Ban of Tear Gas, Stun Weapons, and More

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​In a recent lawsuit [1] filed by ACLU asked the court to “issue an injunction barring the police from issuing future declarations of unlawful assembly,” [2] and acknowledge the alleged illegal use of force by the police.  As stated by Judicial Watch in their reporting of the ruling: “The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Virginia Student Power Network, asks the court to broadly ban the use of ‘chemical munitions, irritants, explosives, stun weapons, and physical-impact weapons.'” ​[3] They (plaintiffs) claim that the police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and more against peaceful protestors, violating their first amendment rights.  The Circuit Judge Beverly Snukals stated: “Plaintiffs admitted that 150 people set up an encampment, blocked the city streets, and interfered with traffic, which provides a legal basis for a declaration of unlawful assembly.”  

In regards to the ACLU requesting an injunction “barring the police from issuing future declarations of unlawful assembly”, Judge Snukals struck it down, saying it “unnecessarily burdens the police and puts them and the public at risk.”  

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