Twitter Files Lawsuit Against TX AG Paxton, Alleging he Abused his Authority to Investigate Twitter After Trump Ban

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Twitter has filed a lawsuit in a Northern California federal district court against the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, for allegedly abusing his authority and violating the First Amendment as attorney general to investigate Twitter for “editorial decisions with which he disagrees.” On January 13th, 5 days after Twitter banned President Trump from the platform, AG Paxton issued a civil investigative demand to Twitter that would force the company to produce documents relating to their content moderation practices, documents which Twitter labels as “highly confidential.” Twitter states throughout the lawsuit that they “strive for as much transparency as possible,” however, some documents relating to content moderation cannot be released, due to the confidentiality being “vital to the effective functioning of [Twitter’s] platform.”

Twitter is seeking the court to acknowledge that “the First Amendment bars AG Paxton’s January 13, 2021 CID,” and to grant injunctive relief barring any individuals involved with the CID from further enforcing it.