New York Times Publishes List of CEO’s who have Not Opposed Election Integrity and Voter ID Bills, Targets Walmart CEO

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In a world where drinking a can of Coca-Cola or shopping at Walmart is supposed to be a time for people to be free of politics, the NYT has decided that this cannot be the case. In an article published by 6 writers at the NYT, a document is included that contains the names of hundreds of high profile individuals, corporations, and legal figures who have not signed a letter opposing “any discriminatory legislation or measures that restrict or prevent any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.”

The NYT article calls out Walmart and the CEO Doug McMillon specifically because McMillon declined to sign the letter, and send an email to Walmart employees saying that “[Walmart is] not in the business of partisan politics. While our government relations teams have historically focused on core business issues like tax policy or government regulation, Walmart and other major employers are increasingly being asked to weigh in on broader societal issues such as civil rights. We do want to be clear that we believe broad participation and trust in the election process are vital to its integrity.”

This comes after MLB has decided to move their All-Star games to Denver, Colorado from the state of Georgia after the legislature passed an election integrity bill, which the governor promptly signed into law. Contrary to the claims of the NYT and various corporations that have taken part in singing the mentioned letter, it is worth noting that the new Georgia law does not restrict eligible voters from voting or having a fair opportunity to do so, and does not enact any discriminatory procedures.

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