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‘I Think there is an Art to Manipulation…I Think it’s Propaganda’ – CNN Technical Director Caught on Hidden Camera Exposing CNN’s Operations and Conduct

Striking the country again with its investigative and undercover work, Project Veritas released a brand new series of videos showing Charlie Chester–a technical director for CNN–exposing the network for it’s intentionally biased and misleading coverage of stories and, as Chester put it, ‘propaganda’.

The Southern Border Crisis Under the Biden Administration: Here are ALL of the Facts

The left’s favorite go-to attack against President Trump was always in relation to his border and immigration policy. From the moment Trump uttered the words “we must build a wall,” the democratic party has not taken a breath when it comes to slandering all of the former president’s immigration policies as racist and inhumane. President Joe Biden ran with eliminating Trump’s “racist” border policies as a part of his platform, and now we have had misfortune of seeing exactly where his policies would lead us: Directly into a major crisis.