Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) Investigative Reporting

Parents Against Critical (Race) Theory is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2020 to combat the implementation of critical race theory in public schools. PACT primarily reports on the CRT corruption in the Loudoun County Public School district in Northern Virginia, but also works to collaborate with organizations and people from across the country.

The following is a series of reports and documents exposed by PACT, and explanations as to how they are assisting the implementation of critical race theory in our schools.

LCPS Report: The NAACP will Help Determine the Next LCPS Superintendent

Loudoun County Public Schools recently released their ‘Leadership Profile Report’ detailing their methods for collecting recommendations for their selection of a new superintendent for the school district. Their methods included surveying students, teachers, parents, staff, the School board, and the ‘community.’  Later in the report, the ‘community’ is defined as including the NAACP, along with

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Here is the Email that Started the Dr. Seuss Madness, Resulting in the Cancellation of 6 Books and a National Outrage

Since Dr. Seuss was reported as being “cancelled” in the largest school district in Virginia last week, the story quickly blew up. Countless media outlets covered the story, including Congressmen, Senators, and show hosts on various news outlets. Following the popularity behind the story, President Joe Biden declined to mention Dr. Seuss on Read Across

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